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What is Front End Speech Recognition (FESR)?

Front End Speech Recognition (FESR) is the technology whereby speech is translated into text in real time. 

Dictating authors can utilize any computer which is setup with the FESR software using a hand-held microphone.  As you dictate, your speech is converted into text in real time making the report available immediately for your review, editing, and sign off.  

FESR is well suited for those clinicians who have a clinical/workflow requirement to have reports transcribed on a STAT basis, and/or those clinicians who wish to have full control over the creation, quality and distribution of their reports. One of the key benefits of using FESR is a high level of personal customization decreasing the total amount of dictation needed.  Your existing speech profile based on your current dictation practice is pulled in to this application which allows for a higher voice recognition rate.

A value-add is the ability to use FESR in other applications on the same PC by simply placing your cursor in any document/email, etc. and speak – your speech will be translated into text.

Transcription Services is using M*Modal - Fluency Flex as our FESR platform.

More information about FESR

Interested in finding out more about FESR and seeing if you are qualified?

Please email Fluency Flex is being offered to a limited number of candidates that must meet minimum criteria based upon a Q score (speech recognition quality) and dictation volume. Transcription Services will follow up with you to let you know if you qualify for a license and to complete the signup process. Please include in your subject heading "Signing up for Fluency Flex" and include your email address and telephone number in the body of the email.

The FESR Terms of Agreement and FESR Policy can be found on the Transcription Services Intranet site.
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